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The “Best For” network has arrived in Lithuania: for buyers looking for high quality at a low price

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Tomas Balčytis, director of UAB Irpeta, which acquired the franchise of the international store chain Best For.

The first store of the “Best For” international network was opened in Lithuania, where high-quality products are presented. The main focus is on their functionality, low prices and sustainability. UAB “Irpeta”, which brought the network, plans to invest 3 million euros in the Baltic countries and open about 25 “Best For” stores.

The first “Best For” store chain is already open in the Klaipėda BIG shopping center. In the stores of this chain, you can find more than 8,000 high-quality products that cover various needs for women, men, children, home, office, hobby, accessories, as well as for various occasions, such as Christmas, Easter or birthday celebrations.

It works according to EU standards and quality requirements

Best For is a leading European franchise company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The company specializes in the development and retailing of useful innovative products. “Best For” showcases contemporary high-quality products, focusing mainly on their functionality, low prices and sustainability.

The European company “Best For”, which operates according to the standards and quality requirements of the European Union, won the “Franchise Business Award” for intensive international development three years in a row. The first Best For store opened in Greece in 2015. Today, Best For stores operate in European, African and Asian countries with a product range adapted to different markets.

For the “Best For” franchise in the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine, we have chosen a partner who has extensive experience in the field of trade. Our plans include rapid network expansion in these countries. We have no doubt that Lithuanian buyers will appreciate Best For’s innovative and high-quality products, which are offered at a competitive price,” says Giorgos Leventis, founder and director of Best For.

Το πρώτο κατάστημα της διεθνούς αλυσίδας καταστημάτων «Best For» είναι ήδη ανοιχτό στο εμπορικό κέντρο Klaipėda BIG.

Items for every occasion

Tomas Balčytis, director of Irpeta, which acquired the Best For franchise, emphasizes that “they were impressed by the availability and appeal of the chain’s products to people of all ages and incomes.” After long negotiations, they managed to obtain exclusive franchise rights in the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine.

“Since we were interested in and analyzed a number of brands similar to Best For, we made sure that this network, first of all, is distinguished by a very wide range of products (for home, children, beauty, animals), which can be chosen differently for each store, depending on the needs of consumers, says T. Balčytis. Every customer who comes to the “Best For” store can find products for any occasion – a child’s birthday, a meeting with a friend or a barbecue party. The range of products is constantly updated and each month a different thematic series of products is presented. We create the circumstances in life ourselves, and Best For can help the buyer become a professional of their circumstances.”

The first store of the international store chain "Best For" is already open in the Klaipėda BIG shopping center.

15 years in business.

Irpeta, having exclusive franchise rights in the Baltic countries, Poland and Ukraine, plans rapid expansion in all these regions. Negotiations are now underway with well-known Polish and Estonian companies that will operate on the principle of subfranchising.

After the first “Best For” store in the country is already operating in Klaipėda’s BIG shopping center, the second store will open its doors in April in Panevėžys, in “Babilonas” shopping center. Next, it plans to enter major malls in major cities and smaller towns. In the Baltic countries, they plan to invest more than 3 million euros in the development of “Best For” and will open about 25 stores and about 100 stores in Poland. Soon, customers will be invited to the “Best For” online store, which will be attractive to the user with its functionality, simplicity and abundance of products.

Irpeta has more than 15 years of wholesale experience. Until now, it specializes in stock clothing for men, women and children. To keep up with fashion, we constantly participate in international exhibitions, look for new suppliers and creative solutions in the world of fashion, cooperate with suppliers from Denmark, France, Great Britain, Holland and Germany.

“As the company grew and expanded, we began to look for new activities and when the pandemic began, we were forced to reorient ourselves in response to global trends. That’s how we discovered ‘Best For’, and it’s time to introduce it to Lithuania as well”, says T. Balčytis.