We Win When You Win.

The BEST Products

  • Huge variety of high quality products over 7000 codes covering every wish and choice.
  • Complete thematic product series every month.
  • Products undergoing the necessary checks to obtain the European export specifications for each country.
  • Certified products bearing all the necessary markings.

The BEST Support

  • Specially trained staff with years of sales experience are available 24 hours a day to complete each task.
  • Inspectors responsible for enhancing and training your staff
  • Scheduled visits and meetings with Franchisees.
  • Providing all graphic designs from the BEST FOR headquarters.
  • Provision of the entire MARKETING PLAN of the year by the company.

The BEST Investment

This is a proven investment with great success and great profit margins.

A timeless proposition, not a fashion investment.

2020 Besrt International Expansion
2020 Besrt International Expansion

We are winners of 2020 Franchise Bussiness awards.

2019 Besrt International Expansion
2019 Besrt International Expansion

We are winners of 2019 Franchise Bussiness awards.

2018 Besrt International Expansion
2018 Besrt International Expansion

We are winners of 2018 Franchise Bussiness awards.

We are a European Company with all EU standards and quality in our products.

It’s an investment that has been tested before and with a very big success. 

It’s a timeless proposal and not a fashion investment.
The depreciation comes in about one year.
Our services:
  • Territory exclusivity
  • Shop design
  • Continuous IT support
  • Advertisement support
  • Setting up the entire business in every sector
  • Staff training
  • Specialized sales and marketing seminars on a regular basis
  • Great profit margins
  • We provide a complete and high standard business model
  • We apply a personalized marketing and operational plan for every territory tailored to its particularities
Conditions for the creation of a “BEST FOR…” shop:
  • Shop space in a central point with floor space between 60 and 120 m2
  • Storage space equal to the 20% of the shop
  • Creation & equipment: until 20.000 – 30.000 €
  • Starting merchandise: until 20.000 – 25.000 €
  • Royalties: 0%
  • Marketing Fees: 0%