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Find all your Christmas presents!

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Christmas Day is here and BEST FOR … is here to find you the most impressive and unique gifts in the entire market!

A stroll through a BEST FOR … store all over Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Lebanon, Nepal and India will convince you of the countless and unique choices for Christmas presents for the whole family, friends and separate faces.

Let’s start:

Are you looking for a gift for the most demanding and attentive detail in every gift that Instagram and social media lovers want to use everywhere and always? Best For … unique power banks are here to take you through the difficult times and endless hours of searching. With a capacity of 10,000 mAh it will be able to cover even the most demanding user by charging their mobile, tablet, electronic cigarette and any other device that provides usb port.

T I P: You can combine the gift with a headset for your mobile phone or tablet!


At BEST FOR … you will find a huge selection of imaginative mugs for coffee, tea or his favorite hot drink. Magic mugs that change colors and patterns at high temperatures, chalkboard mugs with chalk to write its own message and anything else you can imagine. Ideal gift for the whole family, to convince even your parents or grandparents that just drinking their coffee can be even more fun!

T I P: Combine your gift with gorgeous mug or hand water heaters!


Our stores give you countless choices for every age. You will find plush toys, thermos with unique designs to carry your drink everywhere, toys for all ages and leaves, sunscreen, gloves and many more winter accessories. Through so many choices you will surely find winter gifts for all your loved ones.

T I P: Let your imagination go wild and combine your gifts with their colors!

Caution! These are just a few of the many gift choices BEST FOR …

Find all our stores around the world and choose the most amazing gifts!