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BEST FOR… Certified with ISO 9001 certification

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BEST FOR due to its many years of experience in the field of store development with franchise method and after a global expansion of the brand in Asia, Europe & Africa, the brand has gained ISO 9001 global certification for its export activity and distribution services.

It is a validation of compliance with the most appropriate standards, regarding various products, their production processes, their construction materials, qualities, organizational structure in production, etc. The continuous product research, the claim of the goal for brand development in international markets and the permanent person-centered approach aimed at developing the sense of confidence and trust in customers who choose the chain for their purchases are key-elements that compose the consolidation and confirmation of ISO certification.


ISO 9001 certification applies to the production and quality control process of a product or service. It provides for systematic monitoring of a company’s activities to ensure that the product production or the service provision meets the requirements of its customers and that the product or service it produces delivers what it promises.

Finally, ISO 9001 certification is intended and can be applied to any product or service worldwide.

Certificate No: 070921-1
QMSCERT Ltd. 26th October Str.90 – GR 54627 – Thessaloniki, Hellas