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#StayHome: It’s time to play!

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Games are a source of joy and countless fun! The BEST FOR … select for you our favorite toys for the kids while they are at home and great suggestions for the whole family!


Action, tension and … technology are the ingredients to succeed in getting your boys interested. The music drums will provide the “pleasant note” they need, while the remote-controlled cars will be able to “lead” him to the most incredible paths of his imagination. Table basketball, soccer or boxing try not to lose touch with his favorite sports!


The magic word for girls is DIY (= Do It Yourself). At BEST FOR … you will find many DIY options to color the toys or accessories on their own and offer their own unique style to them. Backpacks, mini tea sets or sketchbooks with magic marker are just a few of our DIY choices. You will also find classic toys such as: children’s xylophone, dolls and wooden slots!


Play time is a first-class opportunity for adults to spend quality time with their children. Games like Pictionary and Scrabble will help enhance children’s knowledge and cause them to work in a total team atmosphere. Younger board games like Fibber and Guess which animal will allow even the youngest family members to spend quality and fun time at home!

So, after learning everything, what game would you choose for the young and old kids of your life? Whatever you like, make your own at and enjoy your shared hours at home!